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BrooksBrooks Level Products
A float equipped with a 360° permanent magnet follows the level variation of the liquid to be measured.

Slider Version: The float drives a magnetic slider which slides in a Pyrex tube mounted on a graduated scale.

Rollers Version: The float reverses magnetically locked bi-colored rollers. The red zone indicates the level of liquid in the tank.

Brooks magnetic level gauges feature sealed measurement chambers constructed from stainless steel, PVC, PPH, PVDF, PTFE, or any non-magnetic material that enables reliable level measurement of a wide assortment of liquids, including those that are corrosive, toxic, or hazardous. Because the only moving part in contact with the fluid is the float, these instruments are highly rugged and durable. Many process connection options are available to enhance application flexibility.

Brooks magnetic level gauges measure liquid level over ranges from as short as 1 foot (0.3 m) to as long as 20 feet (6 m), and longer with multiple sections of instruments if needed. Designs are available to handle fluid temperatures from -256° F (-160° C) to 750° F (400° C) and pressures as high as 3480 psi (240 bar), and fluid-specific gravity as low as 0.4. Applications include product tank monitoring, feed water heaters, condensate and separator systems, cryogenic gases, effluent tanks, and more.

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RosemountRosemount Level Products
The Rosemount product offering includes a complete line of pressure, temperature, flow, level, and safety measurement instrumentation. Throughout the process industries, Rosemount devices are specified more often than any other brand of process instrumentation.
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