Brooks Instrument GT1600 Series Glass Tube Variable Area Flow Meters

Simple, rugged design for moderate accuracy requirements. Replacement for GT1000, GT1300 & Full-View® models.

The GT1600 Series glass tube VA flow meters are a NEW family of meters with a rugged design for long-lasting performance with low and high-flow gas and liquid applications where viewing the process is important. These versatile and economical meters are for general use in applications with moderate metering accuracy requirements — typical accuracy ranges are 1% to 10% full scale, depending on the model selected. They are ideal for purge type service, seal oil systems, bearing lubrication and cooling water indication.

The GT1600 Series flow meters are configurable to retro-fit existing Brooks Instrument GT1000, GT1300 and Full-View® 1100 Series meters (models 1024M, 1024N, 1110, 1114, 1140, 1144).

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