“Flowmeter systems are Ireland’s only nationwide trusted & accredited supplier of Calibration equipment, Our products and services are exceptional in a number of areas. All work is carried out to a high standard following best practice to ensure accuracy and reliable results every time.”


Flowmeter Systems Ltd in Mallow offers Calibration in-house and on-site of both Gas & Liquid Flowmeters such as:

Accredited in-house liquid flow meter calibrations from 0.2 kg/min to 1750 kg/min – 0.2 l/min to 1750 l/min.
Accredited on-site liquid flow meter calibrations from 0.2kg/min to 1000 kg/min.
Accredited in-house gas flow meter calibrations from 5ml/min to 1,500 l/min
Accredited on-site gas flow meter calibrations from 5ml/min to 1,500 l/min
Hire of portable calibration skids for liquid and gases.
Collection and return of customer flow meters.

Why Calibrate?

Calibration of your flow meters:

– Improves the quality of Product
– Ensures Reliability and process consistency
– Ensures accuracy of results and gives peace of mind

The accuracy of devices degrades over time by means of normal wear and tear.

Regular verification may be needed to ensure process consistency and compliance with metrology standards.

24 hour calibration turn around service available on request

Commissioning Services

Flowmeter Systems provide on-site commissioning and measurement validation services
with complete traceable documentation to comply with FDA and other regulatory bodies.

Design and Construction

We design and construct both gas and liquid calibration skids to your individual specifications.

Milk Truck Mounted Metering

Flowmeter Systems has been awarded an authorization by the NSAI under Section 12 of the Legal Metrology Act 1996 to undertake verification of truck-mounted metering systems for milk.

Rig Hire

Skids (liquid) ranging from 0.2 kg/min to 1000 kg/min – 0.2 lts/min to 1000 lts/min.
Gas skids ranging from .005 ln/min to 5160.0 ln/min. (depending on gas type)
Ultrasonic portable flow rig for non-intrusive calibrations.

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