SLAMf Series Elastomer Sealed Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Meters
Precision mass flow control. Hardened for the harshest environments. Now available with EtherNet/IPâ„¢

Models: SLAMf50 / SLAMf60 / SLAMf51 / SLAMf61 / SLAMf53 / SLAMf63 / SLAMf64

Whether it’s dust, moisture, temperature extremes or wash-down requirements, the SLAMf Series elastomer sealed thermal mass flow controllers (MFC) and meters (MFM) deliver the precise accuracy and long-term stability of our proven SLA5800 family of meters and controllers. A specially engineered NEMA4X/IP66 enclosure protects our advanced digital electronics and ensures stable, accurate measurement and control of your process-critical gas mass flows.

Preferred FTCV for critical Bioreactor gas control. The new biotechnology options can improve your process control and streamline option selection.

The SLAMf series replaces MF50S Mass Flow Controller (MFC) and MF60S Mass Flow Meter (MFM). Contact Flowmeter Systems for replacement options.

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